Comprehensive Script Coverage

Script Pin Professional Script Coverage provides feedback and notes how to improve Plot and all major script elements such as Concept, Theme, Story and others.

Our review process is not biased or based on one script reader’s knowledge. Instead, we conduct an analysis in relation to the  script elements of most successful films.

A  money back guarantee. 

New Evaluation Process

Our unique, research-based script review process was developed through comprehensive analysis of successful films. By utilizing the knowledge derived from our analysis, we created an evaluation process that is comprehensive and practical.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our script coverage includes an assessment of your script's concept, theme, characters, commercial potential, craft, dialogue, plot, scenes and structure. This ensure that every major element of your script is given the attention it deserves.


We will provide you with detailed feedback on how best, to improve your script. All script elements are numerically ranked indicating the ones that needs improvement the most.

Money Back Guarantee

We strive to provide exceptional script coverage service with the lowest prices in the industry. With confidence in our service, we offer a money back guarantee.