About us and FAQ

About Film Teams

 Film Teams was organized in Los Angeles in 2018 to assist screenwriters in developing and selling their scripts. In 2020 we have expended our offering and included services for Actors, Crew and Vendors and Production Companies.

Why we are different

Founded by filmmakers Film Teams has a goal of helping filmmakers to make good films fast and inexpensively. To accomplish this goal, we bring all participants on one platform and provide tools to do their work better. We also a price leader for the paid services.

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still use your services?

For now, only our Scriptwriters module is open for international writers.   In fact, we have a high percentage of script submissions from the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Soon we plan to expand all services globally.

If I sell my script on Script Pin, will you claim any rights to my script or any percentage of future profits?

Absolutely not. You retain all copyrights and other intellectual properties vested in your work. None of Film Teams representatives will ever attach themselves to your script, nor will they ever demand any percentage of the sales you make through Film Teams. Whatever you earn through our platform is entirely yours!

Can I submit a script that’s an adaptation of a book or stage play?

Yes, you sure can!

How many pages do you accept?

We host scripts of up to 150 pages in length.

Are you hiring?

Not currently. Feel free to visit this website from time to time for updates in this regard. 

Contact us

Phone: 1 310 220 0273
Email: services@filmteams.com