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Go beyond just networking or landing a job.  Film Teams provides services to excel in your work and is devoted to helping you sharpen on skills essential to the success of your career.

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Are you looking to get an audition, to improve your acting skills and build your fan base?
Upload your comprehensive professional profile to be discovered by casting producers and directors; you just might be a click away from local and international roles.
Apply to participate in our new show “Over Act”, where you can showcase your acting and improvisation skills.

Post your profile, respond to audition requests for FREE.

crew and vendors

Do you need to find a job, freelance gig, or a project?
Gain access to connect with new clients and respond to freelance projects, crew calls and production requests exclusive to Film Teams members.
Receive updates on the latest opportunities in the production industry and keep your career goals on track.

Post your profile in multiple categories, receive requests and get hired for FREE. 


Do you need to improve your script writing prowess, sell your script, or find a screenwriting job?
Create a profile and share your script to be displayed in targeted searches by producers, directors and more. Get connected, and hired directly through your profile.
Improve your script with quality tools provided by Film Teams.

Improve and sell your scripts or get hired for FREE.

Producer and Director

Are you looking to find a quality script, assemble talents or hire a crew?
Post your project and Film Teams will connect you with actors and vendors on this platform. So easy!
Find and hire local and international qualified crew, vendors, talents, and screenwriters to work with you anywhere.

Discover a high quality script, cast talent and hire crew and vendors for FREE.

We assemble productions with the best people and provide tools to improve skills.

Film Teams Participants

Film Teams aims to provide services to all people who participate in film making: